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Shellac & Vinyl Show #1

Louis Armstrong-Gully Low Blues-Vocalion 78

Edith Piaf-Black Denim Trousers and Motorcycle Boots-Capitol 45

Choker Campbell-Have You Seen My Baby-Atlantic 78

Carl Perkins-The Monkeyshine-Decca 45

Vernon Dalhart-The Dixie Bee Line-Victor 78

Bob Chester-Joltin’ Joe Dimaggio-Bluebird 78

Eddie Bond-Slip Slippin’ In-Mercury 45

The Cadets-Stranded in the Jungle-Modern 78

Betty Thornton-The Dentist Song-Davis 78

Billy Watkins-Who Paid the Rent for Mrs. Rip Van Winkle?-Columbia 78

Conway Twitty-C’est Si Bon-MGM 45

Arkie Shibley-Hot Rod Race–Gilt Edge 78

The Blasters-Blue Shadows-“Streets of Fire” Soundtrack LP

Orrin Tucker-Lydia the Tattooed Lady-Columbia 78

Eddie McMullen-The Tattooed Lady-Abbey 78

Marvin Rainwater-You Think You’ve Got Troubles-MGM 45

Wynonie Harris-Bloodshot Eyes-King 78

The Everly Brothers-Claudette–Cadence 78

Charlie Rich-Wash My Hands in Muddy Water–“Lonely Weekends” LP

Teruko Akatsuki-Tokyo Shoe Shine Boy-Victor (Japan) 78

The Hues Corporation-Rock the Boat-RCA 45

Big Three Trio (Willie Dixon)-88 Boogie-Columbia 78

Mary Sue (Ike Turner)-Everybody’s Talking-Modern 78

Denver, Boise & Johnson-The ’68 Nixon- “Hard Goods” (Warner Bros. Loss Leader) LP

Spike Jones-Der Fuehrer’s Face-Bluebird 78

Johnny Cash & Waylon Jennings-There Ain’t No Good Chain Gang–Columbia 45

Sanford Clark-Ooh Baby-Dot 78

Wooder Herman-Keeper of the Flame-Capitol 78

Johnny Ray-Whiskey & Gin-Okeh 78

Bing Crosby-Just a Gigolo–Bluebird 78