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Songs about Texas

Shellac & Vinyl Show #18

Jimmie Rodgers-Blue Yodel (Bluebird 78)

Doug Sahm’s Tex Mex Trip-Groover’s Paradise (Deep Ear WB/Reprise Loss Leader comp. LP)

Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys-You’re From Texas (Okeh 78)

Willie Nelson-Coming Back to Texas (Honeysuckle Rose Soundtrack LP)

Jerry Irby With His Texas Ramblers-I’ve Got Blues for Texas (MGM 45)

Jerry Jeff Walker-Leavin’ Texas (A Man Must Carry On LP)

Lee Morse-Sing Me A Song of Texas (Decca 78)

Waylon Jennings-Bob Wills is Still the King (Dreaming My Dreams(LP)

Dave Alvin-Black Rose of Texas (Eleven Eleven LP)

Big Maceo-Texas Blues (Bluebird 78)

Asleep at the Wheel-Don’t Ask Me Why (I’m Going to Texas) (Asleep at the Wheel LP)

Hank Penny-Texas in My Soul (King 78)

Cooder Brown-Swinging With the Armadillo (Six Pak Vol. 1 LP)

Johnny Winter-Hustled Down in Texas (Second Winter LP)

The Doors-The WASP (Texas Radio and the Big Beat) (alternative version) (LA Woman The Workshop Sessions LP)

Smokey (Buck) Rogers-Texas Tornado (4 Star 78)

Aretha Franklin-Sister From Texas-Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky LP)