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Songs of the Gruesomes and the Macabre for the season of the haunted.

Robert Cobert Orchestra-Dark Shadows Theme-Dark Shadows Original Music LP
Jackie Morningstar-Rockin’ In the Graveyard-Orange Record Company 45
Marty Robbins-Ghost Train-Columbia 45
Johnny Thunder-Horror Show (American Version)-Epic 45
Cris Kevin-Haunted House-Colt 45
Thurl Ravenscroft-The Headless Horseman-Disneyland 45
Lord Melody-Creature From the Black Lagoon-Calypso Jazz Sampler LP
The Verdicts-The Mummy’s Ball-Relic 45
The Original Dixieland Jazz Band-Skeleton Jangle-Victor 78
Dead-The Poets-Flash 45
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross-Halloween Spooks-High Flying LP
The Zanies-The Blob-ERA 45
Bob McFadden-Dracula Cha Cha-Coral 45
The Vendettas-Halloween-Worry Bird 7” EP
Young Fresh Fellows-Halloween 247-Popllama 45
R.E.M.-Burning Hell-Dead Letter Office LP
Steve Bledsoe-Peabody’s Tomb-Scope 45
Buddy Meredith-Haunted House-Nashville 45
Bruce Mullen-Ghost In South Carolina-Stop 45
The Gruesomes-The Monster Jerk-Monster Shindig LP
Timmie Rogers-Take Me to Your Leader-Cameo 45
Vivienne Segal-To Keep My Love Alive-Decca 78
George Segal-The Yama Yama Man-The Yama Yama Man LP
John Zacherle-Lunch With Mother Goose-Cameo 45
Jimmie Rowles-Skeletons In the Closet-Paws That Refresh LP
Bobby (Boris) Pickett-Monster Motion-Garpax 45
Skipper Ryle-Wolf Gal-Saxony 45
Bill Flippo-Movin’ Outa This Haunted House-Lou-Jay 45
Lee Kristofferson-Dinner With Drac-Thrust 45
Ray Conway-Hannibal the Cannibal-Jerome 45
Lee Kristofferson-Night of the Werewolf-Thrust 45