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The Pacific Northwest Show, Vol. 2

The Sonics-Cinderella-Boom LP

The Wailers-Hang Up-Out of Our Tree LP

Jack Rivers-Navy Hot Rod-Listen 78

Buck Owens and His Buckaroos (feat. Don Rich)-Wham Bam-I’ve Got a Tiger By the Tail LP

Merilee Rush-Reap What You Sow-Bell 45

Dewey Long and His Longsmen-Marie Leveaux-General LP

Robert Cray-Night Patrol-Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark LP

Merceedees-Hungry for Love-Linden 78

The Allies-Emma Peel-Emma Peel LP

Jim Parks-Hitch Hiking Blues-Linden 78

Rail-Hello-Arrival LP

Kathi McDonald-Freak Lover-Insane Asylum LP

Bing Crosby (with The Andrews Sisters)-Black Ball Ferry Line-Decca 78

Jimmie Rodgers-Kisses Sweeter Than Wine-His Golden Year LP

Earl Robinson-Drill Ye Terriers-Keynote 78

Bud Shank-Blues in the Surf-Crown LP

Mark Lewis Quartet-Lonnie Knows-In the Spirit LP

Vic Meyers Orchestra-Nobody’s Secret-Columbia 78

Jeff Lorber Fusion (feat. Kenny Gorelick)-Lava Lands-Wizard Island LP

Big Mama Thornton-Ball and Chain-Jail LP

The Crisis-Take Your Knocks-45

Crazy 8s-Law and Order-Law and Order 78

Bell & James-Livin’ It Up (Friday Night)-A&M 45

Thom Bresh-D.B. Cooper Where Are You-Thunder Tummy 45

Quincy Jones-Sanford & Sons Theme-You’ve Got It Bad Girl LP

The Presidents of the United States-Peaches-Dry Hump 45

The Primate 5-Tzunuikwa-GI Productions EP (7”)

The Jimi Hendrix Experience-Are You Experienced?-Are You Experienced LP


This is Guy. I want to give a shout out to my friends, Jeff Fleming and Tony Cole, who were part of The Crisis, whose record is in the show at 1:42:30. I got caught up in the moment and didn’t give them their proper due during the Show. Also, I said Buck Owens was a native of San Bernadino, California, when in fact he was from Bakersfield. Apologies all around.