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Songs for quarantine during the COVID-19 outbreak. No need to panic, chill out while you listen!

Huey “Piano” Smith-Rocking Pneumonia (Huey “Piano” Smith LP)

Phil Harris-Some Little Bug (ARA 78)

Tower of Power-Soul Vaccination (Tower of Power LP)

Little Willie John-Fever (King 78)

Joe Jackson-Cancer (Night and Day LP)

Charlie Jackson-The Cat Got the Measles (Paramount 78)

Dire Straits-Industrial Disease (Love Over Gold LP)

Bert Williams-You’ll Never Need a Doctor No More (Columbia 78)

Robert Palmer-Bad Case of Loving You (Secrets LP)

Jimmie Rodgers-Whippin’ That Old TB (The Short But Brilliant Life of Jimmie Rodgers LP)

Jimmie Rodgers-Hobo Bill’s Last Ride (Victor 78)

Gang of Four-Anthrax (Entertainment! LP)

Bruce Springsteen-I’m On Fire (Born in the USA LP)

Gene Autry-There’s an Empty Cot in the Bunkhouse Tonight (Conqueror 78)

The Bee Gees-Night Fever (Saturday Night Fever LP)

Vernon Dalhart-The Death of Floyd Bennett (Broadway 78)

The Police-Canary in a Coal Mine (Zenyatta Mondatta LP)

The Beatles-Dr. Robert (Yesterday and Today LP)