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The Pacific Northwest Show, Vol. 1

The Heats-I Don’t Like Your Face (45)

Ray Charles-One Mint Julep (LP)

The Ventures-Walk Don’t Run (LP)

Arkie Shibley-Hot Rod Race #2 (78)

The Wailers-Mau-Mau (45)

Mildred Bailey-A Woman’s Prerogative (78)

The Kingsmen-Money (45)

Marge Whaley-Wabash Blues (78)

The Dusty 45s-Miserlou (LP)

The KONP Hillbillies-You Are My Sunshine (78)

Paul Tutmarc and the Wranglers-Broncobuster’s Rag (78)

Paul Revere & the Raiders-Just Like Me (45)

Bonnie Guitar-Dark Moon (78)

West Bremerton High School Jazz Ensemble-Got the Spirit (LP)

The Phil Moore Four-Yip Yip De Hootie, My Baby Said Yes (78)

Redbone-Maggie (LP)

The Playboys-Hawaiian War Chant (45)

Bing Crosby-Learn to Croon (78)

Steve Miller-The Lovin’ Cup (45)

Charlie Ryan-Hot Rod Lincoln (45)

Mudhoney-Touch Me I’m Sick (45)

The Liverpool Five-Any Way that You Want Me (45)

Ernestine Anderson-Mad About the Boy (LP)

Loretta Lynn-Don’t Come Home A’ Drinkin’ (45)

The Young Fresh Fellows-Get Out of My Cave (LP)

Uncle Torvard (Doug Setterberg)-The Swedish Thing (78)

Ron Davies-It Ain’t Easy (LP)

Pearl Jam-Not For You (LP)

Heart-Heartless (LP)

The Young Fresh Fellows-Young Fresh Fellows Theme (LP)

CORRECTION: This is Guy. During the show I inexplicably conflated Bonnie Guitar, Bonnie Owens, and Johnny “Guitar” Watson. Bonnie Guitar was from Seattle but wasn’t the same person as Bonnie Owens, and it was Bonnie Owens, not Bonnie Guitar, who was married to Merle Haggard. And neither Bonnie Guitar nor Bonnie Owens was ever known as Bonnie “Guitar” Watson. I have no idea what I was thinking.